One of the first things you need to think about after deciding to become a virtual assistant is what services you are going to offer. Whether you are new to the blogging world or you’ve been part of it for 10 years, you are going to have great skills in some areas as well as a list of things you don’t want to do. Rather than spending the next week racking your brains out, here are 29 services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant to a blogger.

29 services you can offer as Virtual Assistant Featured Image

  1. Proofreading posts
  2. Making images for blog posts (Featured image and social media inc Pins)
  3. Creating social media Image templates
  4. Adding Images and Scheduling blog posts
  5. SEOing posts
  6. Scheduling social media
  7. Facebook group admin
  8. Social media management and interaction
  9. Pinterest, board booster and tailwind management
  10. Completing Like/Comment Threads
  11. Linky Admin
  12. Creating show notes or subtitles for Videos, Lives and Podcasts
  13. Updating old blog pages or posts, including creating pins
  14. Image resizing across the whole blog
  15. Creating Presentations
  16. Email Management
  17. Creating and Managing Spread Sheets
  18. Contacting PRs
  19. Moderating and replying to Blog Comments
  20. Personal Errands (Online Christmas Shopping)
  21. Creating opt-ins and growing your mailing list
  22. Basic Video Editing
  23. Uploading and Moderating YouTube account
  24. Guest Posting
  25. Consumer feedback for ideas you have
  26. Setting up services (i.e. Tailwind)
  27. Creating a social media plan
  28. Updating Plug-ins
  29. Backing up blogs

Have you decided what services you would like to offer? Let me know below.


Want to become a Virtual Assistant but not sure what you can offer? Here are 29 services you can offer as Virtual Assistant

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