Do you find whenever you come across a Pinterest group board its ‘closed for contributors’? You want to find another great solution to boost your Pinterest traffic, but without paying for a 3rd party app like Tailwind or Board Booster, you just don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here are my 3 secrets to finding Pinterest group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards

1. Blogging Groups

If you are a member of blogging groups, then your best bet is to pop a message in to see if either anyone has any Pinterest Boards that are open to contributors or if the group its self has a board. If you are looking for a great one to start off with, I highly recommend the Mamaprenuer Revolution (created by the amazing blogging queen Aby Moore – You Baby Me Mummy).

2. Board Booster

If you are not ready to sign up to paid Board Booster, I still recommend a taking a free trial. Don’t worry about setting all areas up, but make use of the ‘best group boards’ section. Board Booster has taken the hard work out and categorised Pinterest group boards so you can find the perfect board for your niche without any hassle.

3. Pin Groupie

I love Pin Groupie, it’s like every pinners dream! The site is full of hundreds (and very likely thousands) of group boards all categorised with the ability to find the perfect board by followers, collaborators, pins or re-pins. You can also take a look at the group description and when it was last pinned to.

If you are looking for more Pinterest tips, I have 5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks here don’t forget to leave me your favourite below!

Are you looking for Pinterest group boards but not sure where to start? Do you even know why you need them? How to find Pinterest group boards to join and why you need them.

5 comments on “How to find Pinterest group boards to join and why you need them.”

  1. Brilliant tips! I wish there was a free site, not just a free trial to all of these fabulous schedulers! But I completely understand that they’re doing so much work for you, they deserve your money! Maybe one of these days, my blog will be able to pay for such fabulous sites!

  2. Thanks for the tips, I am hopeless at Pinterest. I really need to spend some more time getting my head around it. #TheListLinky

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