Pinterest, everyone tells you it can bring you so much traffic, but as you are still struggling with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s taken a bit of a back burner and if you’re honest, you have no idea where to start. There are thousands of different posts out there telling you what to do and how much to pin, but you don’t have time for that, you just want results, FAST! This post has 5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks to get your Pinterest traffic rocketing, without the stress!

5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks

1. Pinterest is a Search Engine

It’s not social media. Get your mind away from this, if you think they’re the same, you won’t be getting the most you can out of it.

2. Work out what your ideal reader is typing in the search bar

‘How do I make…’, ‘cheap family meals’ ‘kids crafts easter’ Use these when creating your pins, make sure they are in the text that pulls through.


3. Always add a Call To Action

Yes the pin might show it all, but people are more likely to click through if you ask them too.


4. Make sure the post your linking to isn’t a dead end

They click through, get onto your site and read your post. That’s it, they leave your site and may no return. Ideally you want them to be on your email list. If you can’t have an opt-in on that post, make sure your site wide opt-in is obvious, grab them!


5. Followers mean nothing!

Seriously, they are just social proof. Pinterest is going to show your stuff to people who are searching for it, not just followers. Having 10,000 followers looks great, but with even 100 followers you can get the same amount of traffic.


Try my 5 tips for 2 weeks and let me know how it goes, I’m sure you’ll see results. Click here for more Pinterest for Beginners.

Please pin my post!Struggling with Pinterest? No idea where to start? Try these 5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks and see what results you get within 2 weeks!

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  1. Great tips! We are starting to use Pinterest more to drive traffic and as a result our blog page views soared over 200k!!! #TheListLinky

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