How to get traffic from Pinterest

Today I’m going to talk to you about fresh content.  What even is fresh content? Well obviously fresh content is pinning brand new content on your site.  But unless we are constantly creating posts we are going to run out of things to put on Pinterest. So what other types of fresh content are there? Well fresh content can be a few things really.  Let’s have a look at the pins you’ve got and try and make fresh content with them.


Multiple Pins

So first of all there’s one that you’ll probably hear all the time. Create multiple pins.  Fresh content can be as easy as popping a new image up. Pinterest can see the different colours in an image and it knows it’s a new image although it can’t read it and it can’t exactly see what it is, it tries to match pins by image with other pins so it will know it’s something new. So if you’ve got a great old post that you want to give a bit of a refresh on pinterest and repinning is just not doing it’s job, head over to Canva or Picmonkey or whatever you use and create a couple of new pins. Long pins are not as well loved anymore on Pinterest so they are telling you to avoid using them however I do still see a lot of traction on my long pins. So if you’re creating a couple anyway it could be worth popping one on, it’s totally your choice.


How to find Pinterest group boards to join and why you need them.

Do you find whenever you come across a Pinterest group board its ‘closed for contributors’? You want to find another great solution to boost your Pinterest traffic, but without paying for a 3rd party app like Tailwind or Board Booster, you just don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here are my 3 secrets to finding Pinterest group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards

1. Blogging Groups

If you are a member of blogging groups, then your best bet is to pop a message in to see if either anyone has any Pinterest Boards that are open to contributors or if the group its self has a board. If you are looking for a great one to start off with, I highly recommend the Mamaprenuer Revolution (created by the amazing blogging queen Aby Moore – You Baby Me Mummy).


5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks

Pinterest, everyone tells you it can bring you so much traffic, but as you are still struggling with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s taken a bit of a back burner and if you’re honest, you have no idea where to start. There are thousands of different posts out there telling you what to do and how much to pin, but you don’t have time for that, you just want results, FAST! This post has 5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks to get your Pinterest traffic rocketing, without the stress!

5 quick Pinterest tips and tricks

1. Pinterest is a Search Engine

It’s not social media. Get your mind away from this, if you think they’re the same, you won’t be getting the most you can out of it.